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Aseptico Endo DTC®2 Endodontic Motor System (AEU-26)
Aseptico Endo DTC®2 Endodontic Motor System (AEU-26)
--Handpieces sold separately-- The new Endo DTC®2 Electronic Endodontic System is a highly advanced unit that is fully programmable with five memory locations to help automate your operating procedure. Saving your customized settings is achieved using the simple front panel controls. Our Auto Stop Reverse feature automatically reverses the direction of rotation of the file when a defined torque level is reached - reducing the occurrence of file breakage while lessening procedure time. The Endo DTC®2 also features an integrated calibration system to give the highest measure of accuracy and consistent operation. Endo DTC®2 Advantages: Console is simpler to use than other high end systems - Note that the DTC®2 expresses torque in actual Gram•Centimeter units - not arbitrary percentages. Aseptico's autoclavable brushless motor is superior to other motors on the market today; more reliable than brush motors, greater range of torque and better control of speed and torque than stepper motors. Greater range of use with a speed range of 300 to 30,000 RPM - much more versatile! • Integrated file library • Preset options allow single file, file series, or custom file series • Full range of handpiece ratios supported - 1:1, 1:5, 8:1, 16:1 • Fully autoclavable motor/cable assembly, easily detached from console. • System features automatic callibration to test both the motor and handpiece for accurate performance in all of your procedures. • Outstanding torque. • Upgradeable Software • Brushless motor, micro processor controlled. • Bright, easy-to-read display for RPM, handpiece ratio and torque setting readout. • 1/8 reduction mini-head handpiece is recommended.
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